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Date Published: 15th of February, 2023, Last Updated: 7th of April, 2024

Designed local for wear over the coming years, elevate any outfit with our recently released stackers in three different alloys, and our 935 Bracket Knuckle Ring. 

All made in Australia. Smelted and made in NSW to order.
Ethically sourced alloys, which can be further observed here: Jewellery Sustainability Guide.

If you're needing to confirm your size, here is our simple Sizing Guide

  • What's the difference between 925 and 935 Silver?

    Read our leading post on how the two alloys are different.

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  • Confirm your ring size

    Use our Conversion Chart and a downloadable size guide to know your ring size

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  • Ring Refurbishment

    Life-time refurbishment, just cover shipping! Your new jewellery pieces are designed as artefacts to pass years.

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