Designed and made in Melbourne, for you and your world.

Started off in lockdown 2020, not being able to purchase what was desired in fit, fabric, colour at the right price. And so this project progressed with the initial support of friends and friends and family, over to the new Internal-External family being built out, one piece and wardrobe at a time.

Meet the OG :)

Hey there, its nice to meet you! My name is Georgio Tzovlas, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia with a Greek Heritage. Thanks for taking a look into the journey and please reach out if I can help in any way.

Also building out a Food Rating Application to highlight great food @

  • Boundaries

    Knowing the game we're playing, its rules and dynamic. Creativity demands restrictions to showcase itself. The constraints which provide direction needn't all be externally imposed.

  • Perspective

    From fixing an understanding of the boundaries, how and who imposed them, we're then provided an opportunity to adjust. Pivoting view for wider avenues to destination.

  • Exploration

    A willingness and courage to look past what market and industry standards are, building with integrity and community. Revealing the steps to speed the next on their own journey. A shared map.

As a token of appreciation, feel free to use code: ' internalization ' at checkout for 10% off of your order.
Date Published: 10th of April, 2023