Ring Sizing and Conversion Guides

Date Published: 27th of March, 2023

Below are both a sizing conversion table and two methods to know your ring-size for an accurate purchase. Please feel free to reach out with any questions that you have.

Ring Sizing and Conversion:

Sizing Conversion Guide
Ring Conversion Guide into US that Contains to scale Measuring area

Sizing methods:

String: Cut String, and wrap around desired finger. When at desired length, mark. Unwrap the string from, and measure the string length. Locate the corresponding US / CA size above. 

Paper cutout: 1. Download 1:1 scale version of this image.
2. Print out, ensuring 1:1 scale. 3. Cut out measurement at bottom of page, and wrap around finger to confirm sizing. Convert into AU / NZ Sizing

Notes: When sizing finger, please undertake this when finger/hand is moderately warm.
Rub your hands together for 30 seconds, then measure.
This is due to variations in blood circulation, as colder fingers tend to be thinner, and visa versa.

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