Collection: Season Twenty Two - Momentum

Publish Date: 2nd of April, 2023

Building off from Movement, our first collection, we began to generate Momentum.

By collections close we released a sweatshirt, oversized and strong tote, set of embroidered socks (Made in Australia), two hoodie prints and a wider and smoother T-Shirt than our original set. 

  • Consistency

    The aim of the game is to keep playing the game.

    Endurance is a trait.

  • Chance encounters

    From continuing to play, the choice to persist begets luck.

    Its opportunities seizure is another thing.

  • Foundational setting

    What's worked on today stands for tomorrow. Your foundations build.

    Have the courage to lay the bricks how you decide.

Season Twenty Two Look Book

Date Published: 14th of August, 2022

Photo Title: Moments of un-realized reflection
Captured by: Gabriela Garchitorena
full-body shot showcasing concrete environment

Featured in this photo from Top to Bottom:

  • Hat by Mr Simple, 2018
  • Sample Coat by Nique, 2011
  • Stacker Ring in Sterling Silver by External, 2022
  • Rectangle Knuckle Ring in Argentium Silver by External, 2022
  • Wide T-Shirt in Black by External, 2022
  • Live Laugh Loathe tote in Black by External, 2022
  • Socks by I Love Ugly, 2021
  • Acne Studios Boltzer Sneaker, 2020

Shot on Google Pixel 6