Jewellery Sustainability And Manufacturing Information

Date Published: 27th of March, 2023


All rings and jewelry are sustainably sourced and manufactured in NSW, Australia.
All precious metal products supplied by [external] and its respective manufacturer(s) have opted-into a yearly investigation by the Conflict Metals Group. This results in a product that is fully compliant with LMBA and World Gold Council Conflict Gold Policies.

The jewelry is created on a made-to-order basis. The product images are worn in for at least 120 days prior shooting. This is to not only reduce our impact and use of natural resources, but to ensure that your jewelry is yours only, opposed to one of many, created and pushed for a sale, or if not made, disposed of or destroyed, and product images correctly reflect how it ages.

Timeframe: Due to being made-to-order, there is a three week turn-around for your specially made jewellery.

Long-term support: All jewellery is applicable for life-long complimentary restorations for when lifes dints, bumps and scratches taint your jewellery.
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Any questions in regards to the measurement process, please feel free to reach out @_internalexternal_, or you can read-up more on the process here: Ring Refurbishment Process

All jewelry is made in NSW, with US sizing and only upon order. A conversion chart is showcased below for converting to US sizing. If you'd like to confirm your ring size, please click here: Ring Sizing | External

Additionally, here we've our staple range: