Ring Refurbishment Process

Date Published: 27th of March, 2023

After some wear, the rings and jewellery purchased may encounter some of lifes dings, hits and scratches.
Not to worry! As with any jewellery purchase, receive free life refurbishment. Just cover shipping to our office for repairs, and we'll have your prized item back to you within a month, fully cleaned.

Reach out to us here on Instagram @_internalexternal_ or via email at contact@internalexternal.com and we'll get back to you ASAP. Please don't hesitate to follow-up if you don't hear back after 1-2 business days :)

Please note that not all items are applicable for repairs, and based on the nature and extent of the damage, this may fall outside of reasonable repairs for the product.

Additionally, here we've our staple range: