Is a higher percent of silver better?

Date Published: 12th of May, 2023

Is a higher percentage of silver good?

Not all silver is created equal. At internal-external, we use Argentium 935 silver in our pieces, and here are two reasons why it's better than 925 sterling silver.

Firstly, 935 silver contains a higher percentage of pure silver than 925 silver. While 925 silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, 935 silver is made up of 93.5% pure silver and 6.5% other metals. This means that 935 silver is more resistant to tarnishing and will retain its shine and luster for longer periods of time.

Secondly, 935 silver is often of a higher density than 925 silver. This is because the higher percentage of pure silver in 935 silver. Coupled with our strong shapes, the combination of overall mass, and brilliance is a better investment in the long run. Pairing this with the included life-time care with each jewelry purchase (to read more, click here: Ring Refurbishment Process).

Combined with our life-time care and support, alongside strong design proportions, we take pride in using only the highest quality materials in our pieces. By using 935 silver, we ensure that your jewelry not only looks beautiful but also lasts longer and shines brilliantly for years to come. 

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