Season Twenty Four: [Output] Lookbook

Date Published: 24th of June, 2024

Melbourne Streetwear Brand External has released their Winter Range for the Twenty Four Season, their fourth installation to date, coined '[Output]'.

With hues and polish mirroring the colder season, the selected thick cotton fabrics pair perfectly with the cold winter that Melbournian Streetwear Enthusiasts live and die for. Designed for layering up, its all about subtle details and fabric selection.

Revised silhouettes, the soft-introduction of our womens streetwear range, and the elusion to a new jewellery range, their very first collection from the ground up is built on quality.

> Image 1: in e we Trust <

Q: Where does the seasons name come from?

A: This collections name plays on Input and Output.

There are seasons for learning, digesting and compressing theory and experience, and other times to execute on learnings and outputting into the world. Our first couple of seasons set the baseline for learning fundamentals and moreso narrowing down what we don't want to be.

From there its become easier to confirm who we are making for, and who we are becoming from making what we are.


Q: Who would you say you're making this for?

A: Internal External exists for those who design and create, whether its also in the design realm or other vocations such as business, fitness, technology. If you are bringing things from concept to reality; internal to external we are here to keep you focused and looking on point with what you're here to do.

> Image 2: Sydney in Black Heavyweight Hoodie <

Sydney modelling the Black Heavyweight Hoodie had bolstered the range with her creative vocation in photography. The [output] from this collection stemmed from combined efforts to get the look right. A starting point in building out Womens Heavyweight Hoodies and womens streetwear for the brand.

Q: What are some key takeaways from creating patterns and manufacturing?

A: We actually initially spread ourselves way too thin developing all 12 new garments in the range simultaneously. It was initially worthwhile to do so, but realized on the tail-end that the full pattern-creation process was more expensive, especially when revisions are brought into the mix. It got to the point where items had to be dropped from the current line-up in order to get others across the line through production. Balancing Cash Flow and R/D is something we're mastering.

Moving forward, we properly understand lead-times and steps required to develop garments from internal to external.

And the products that were momentarily paused are being primed and ready for the next season, so not too worried as we've never had plans to quit.

> Image 3: Paused shape for future Track Jacket <

Q: What can we expect from the summer range, and what pieces are you enjoying the most at the moment?

A: Great question! Over summer there will be our first in person experience. Our first pop-up event will have unfolded with live music, great snacks, in person exclusives and a proper introduction to the range.
Expanding further on what we pride ourselves on and know you love, our ability to pick the best fabrics and pair them with relaxed and strong shapes.



Additionally, here's the last of our staple range: