New Season Graphics

Date Updated: 5th of May, 2023

Designed and printed in Melbourne, without the use of any artificial intelligence.

Your quitely luxurious garments use our signature fabrics for your comfort, and the longevity of the piece. Printed digitally unless stated otherwise. Digital Printing reduces excess resources, and provides a low minimum order quantity and low turn-around, which aligns with current position.
No longer using vinyl prints as they deteriorate quickly and aren't a viable option for long-term design integrity. Internal Clothing Graphics are in development. Current season of graphics will contain both internal and external clothing references. Keeping a majority of the designs simpler.

"I had to rush so I wrote an essay, but give me overnight and it'll be two sentences".

"The expert makes simple what the beginner can only make complex."
Lots still to learn, but definitely refining my own language. Keep going.

Season Twenty Three release: 5th of May, 2023.

Season Twenty Four release: 12th of April, 2024.

Showcasing more of the process day-to-day on instagram @_internalexternal_

Season Twenty Three

Alternatively, we also have our staple range here: