Giving Back | Evia Fires.

Date Published: 23rd of May, 2023

On the 3rd of August, 2021 there were fires which swept through the Greek Island of Evia. Approximately 50 thousand hectares of area was engulfed and the landscape had been drastically affected.

With Evian family lineage, although on other side of the world, we wanted to help out how we could and so T-Shirts were designed and created for auctioning. There were 10 T-Shirts created in total. The live-auction resulted in over a thousand dollars being donated directly to the area and communities affected thanks to our communities collective generosity.

The design: 
Showcasing the graphic and how it looks in real life on the T-Shirt

Design Breakdown:
- Used the same dimensions as the flag, and opposed to its alternating blue and white stripes, 'freedom or death' and the coordinates of the location were used.
- For unity the greek word for together was translated underneath Evia, to showcase that although we may speak different languages, universally we can come together.

The fundraising amount may not seem like the most, but since this experience, there's been a fundamental understanding that growth is necessary. For the brand, sure, but if we're not able to save or make a real impact to the places, people and things that mean the world to us when they call for help, what is the point of any business / project? We persist throughout business to focus on and direct change, at whatever scale we're able to at the time.

If you've a project you'd like assistance with, we'd be honoured to help however we can.

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